Friday, July 10, 2009

Walk Through Friday

1993 Citrus Bowl Ring
UGA 21 - OSU 14
Just a friendly reminder Buckeye fans.

Thank you, Las Palmas de Gran, aka Las Palmas. The capital of the Autonomous Community of Canary Islands is the 9th largest city in Spain (per Wikipedia), however Google Analytics counts Las Palmas as part of Africa. Therefore BUI, according to G.A., has reached every continent sans Antarctica. Since Bulldogs don’t really care for snow and ice covered terrain I will simply say in one weeks time BUI has spanned the globe. Cheers!

Back to football.

Protect R Turf has been counting down the 25 most anticipated games of 2009. The WLOCP checks in at #10. The opener with the Pokes registers at #7 calling it the best non-conference match-up of the season. Personally, I have the Pokes game at #1. Why? Because I am taking them one game at a time! BTW, Junior and Corch make the list at #9.

RedCrake, the Emperor of Optimism, delves into the Dawgs’ pass rush. I’ll drink to his clairvoyance.

As most of you know, we have faired pretty well against the Rust Belt/Big10 over the years. Penn State was not in the Big 10 back then... I personally witness the shoot-out with Michigan State in the old Gator Bowl and last years destruction of same in the Citrus. Purdue, check. Wisconsin, check twice. Question, when was the last time a team from the Big10 managed to beat the Dawgs?

Have a great day Bulldawg Nation. In your pothole-free travels through the rust-free scenery, thank God you are not in Big10 country.

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Bernie said...

Those large behemoths look like first round drafters and all-world players until they venture south to Orlando and Tampa.

Ron Dayne, Eddie George, Herbie, Ringer...hard to outrun SEC LBs with cement around your ankles.