Thursday, July 9, 2009

One story too many

The BUI marketing/research department, BernieDawg, has temprarily left us for greener pastures (see above), forcing me to do my own research today.

Besides early committments in recruiting, most news made in the summer is bad. Yesterday proved the rule. Tanner Strickland will miss all of 2009. Offensive line depth is coming into play in the month of July, way to early. Deja Vu or a freak occurence, hopefully the later? You never want to see any injuries to these fine young men, especially at offensive line, especially after last year, but if there is one position we can take a hit it may just be the O-line. Here's to Tanner's speedy and full recovery, and that this is not the start of another trend.

Did Jay Cutler give Matthew Stafford tickets? Secondary violations, is there cause for concern?

Normally I would take great Glee in a South Carolina story such as this, but these problems go way beyond football.

MaconDawg on Wheeling and Richt era
walkons with an accompanying poll. Hint, I voted all of the above.

Streit looks at
recruitin' and our head to head successes against tuscaloosa and gaineville, especially in the sunshine state. Is this the John Lilly ROI?

The Post and Courier does their Lois Lane
impression. Me, I can't wait to see Jeff Ownes play the role of kryptonite.

The wife and kids have gone shopping below the border, expect a good #BUI tonight during Braves/Rockies. Till then

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