Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thursday Brings Questions?

Bernie has a great question regarding the incoming quarterbacks, one I have no good answer for. Bernie's Dawg Blawg: The Red-Shirt vs. Murray & Mett
..what becomes of the newbies? Would you rather both red-shirt?
Speaking of questions, do not care for any of these queries: Bulldogs Blog: Help Wanted: 5 Players Who Need to Step Up
Today, I figured it made sense to take a minute to look at who the biggest question marks might be.
T Kyle addresses a subject that is probably serious, as a big fan of personal responsibility and individualism, I leave the question to sociologists and academics. I certainly do love the ways he closes:
Is It Responsible of Us to Care So Much About College Football in Times of Economic Crisis? - Dawg Sports

Accordingly, our fixation on football in these trying times not only isn’t unhealthy, it’s actually a pretty sound long-term strategy. Train up a child in the way he should go, and, when he is older, he will graduate from the University of Georgia, get a good job, and cheer for the Red and Black.

Dang, I’m ready for some football.

More from the Cowpokes, drip, drip, drip :The Red and Black
“Georgia’s the one that has to be scared. Not us.”
It pays to win, sure, but it also pays to make people think you will one day win: Orlando Sentinel - Football coaches pay on the rise despite economic woes throughout college athletics by Iliana Limón
Head coaches aren’t the only ones making big bucks these days. Take a look at the five highest-paid assistant coaches, many of them head coaches-in-waiting, in the country:
And finally, the biggest question of them all: The Hot Button: Will UGA win a BCS title under Mark Richt? | Mark Bradley
We know Mark Richt can coach football. What we still don’t know after eight years of watching is whether he’s pragmatic enough to be a national championship coach.

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