Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Football needs Fulmer, Just not in the SEC

Never, never, evah, did I think i would have something positive to say about Phil Fulmer. I thoroughly despised the man. Not because he is/was a bad guy, all evidence appears to the contrary. Plain and simple, he dominated Georgia prior to Mark Richt showing up.

The streak may have been broken by Donnan, but the playing field did not level until Richt arrived. Even during the ongoing Richt years, Fulmer was able to pull off wins aginst Georgia when he really shouldn't have. Even in the "hobnail boot" game, he coached that sucker to the end.

He had our number. Georgia, perhaps the finest team in the land at that point of the 2007 season, was relegated to watching Fulmer and his hound dogs represent the East in the SEC championship game. We are all left to wonder what might have been if Fulmer had not stole another one from us.

We no longer have to worry about ol' Phil finding ways to beat us, and I hope it stays that way. Fulmer, however, does belong in the game he has given his life to, even if the only school he has ever known wants nothing to do with him.

Wouldn't it be crazy karma if Fulmer ended up coaching at say, Clemson or NC State, or even Memphis? He may not get to coach against UT, but, lest we forget, that man could recruit. If he does land somewhere, he will not be afraid of his alma mater. He would play anybody, anywhere and I have to admire a man like that. Just keep him out of the SEC.

Phillip Fulmer: Former Tennessee coach Phillip Fulmer visits Miami Dolphins camp -- South Florida (h/t john
Fulmer, who is in town as a guest of Dolphins football operations czar Bill Parcells, is out of coaching for the first time since he was a college offensive lineman after stepping down at Tennessee last fall. He has made stops at a couple of college campuses already to visit with their football coaching staffs, and he plans to see a few more NFL camps before heading home.

"I appreciate [Parcells] giving me the chance to come down and watch," said Fulmer, who led the Volunteers to the 1998 national championship. "Never have had that time. I'm taking the fall and just going around and studying and learning and staying up to speed."

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Bulldog in Exile said...

No doubt there is a great karma pie awaiting Peterson and crew if he ends up in the SE. I'd love to see him at Memphis.

Immagine his recruiting pitch: NFL? Pish, let's play for championships. Wanna see my rings?