Monday, August 10, 2009

Take two aspirin and cash out while you are ahead

Still haven't made it back to the comforts of Georgia, but I have found my laptop and a wifi connection.  The little lady and I have been doing our parts to keep the lights on at the Beau Rivage the past two nights. 

In addition to way too much poker playing, I have suffered through a great deal of smack talk from the Bayou Bengals (they still aren't claiming Ole Miss or MissSt in these parts). Apparently, our struggles with knoxville had nothing to do with David Cutcliffe, it was all John Chavis's defenses. They are planning on tasting sweet revenge in Athens this year. The Associated Press: Chavis won't blame talent if LSU defense stumbles
"You won't hear me say, 'Hey, we don't have any talent,'" said new defensive coordinator John Chavis, who goes by the nickname Chief, a nod to his native American heritage.

"There's no question in my mind that we have the talent to be a very good defense and we're going to expect to be a very good defense," he continued on Sunday. "I'm not standing up here making any predictions ... but when we walk out on that field, we expect to be a championship defense."

The talent level of LSU's defense was never more evident than in last year's Chick-fil-A Bowl, when the Tigers mauled Georgia Tech. The Yellow Jackets' triple-option offense, which last season averaged 377 yards and 26.2 points per game, couldn't score a touchdown against LSU.
Despite being reassigned, Chip Towers is still providing quality Bulldog coverage. I still cannot understand the decision making process on Marietta Street... On the subject of his article, I totally agree with his assessment. We should not expect to see Ealey unless he is going to be used on return teams. Given what we have seen from Carlton Thomas I do not think that is very likely. Georgia tailback Washaun Ealey tries to make an impression | AJC College Sports Recruiting
But there is so much more to being a running back for the Bulldogs. They run a pro-style offense and it’s pro-style in every sense of the word. Think about it for a minute: On any given play the tailback in Georgia’s system is either being handed the football, pitched the football, faked the football, thrown the football or is providing pass protection.
thinkingbulldog gets right down to it and his thinking can be a little scary. Rich Man, Poor Man « Thinking Bulldog
Absent a true mental breakdown, the only thing that can stop the Gators juggernaut is the little ol’ Bulldogs from Athens. Florida can stomach a loss in the West (and did in 06 and 08), but some team from the east has to manage to not only beat Florida, but also manage to lose only 1 other conference game all season. That would knock the Gators out of the SEC championship, and thereby the BCS title game. No other team in the East has a prayer of accomplishing both of these feats except the Dawgs. Surely Florida’s coach, Mr. Smilin-Laughin-Jokin-Around Guy, knows this. Georgia’s the only team that can keep them out of Atlanta. The hopes and dreams of the civilized, non-jean-short world rest upon those little ol’ pups from the piedmont.
If you, like me, are inclined to drink lots of Bourbon and mock Chris Fowler, then Dancing in the Endzone takes a look at your opportunities. Dancing in the Endzone: Where will ESPN Gameday be in 2009?
Week 9 has the Cocktail Party, but CBS means, once again, probably no Gameday in Jacksonville.
Football on the Brain makes an interesting comparison... College Football Games in September to Look Forward to- Part 1 « Football on the Brain
Its kind of like the Georgia football team is like the character, “Turtle”, on the HBO show, “Entourage”. In the past few episodes people like his friend’s agent Ari and rapper 50 Cent have been dogging Turtle about being nothing without his movie star buddy Vinny Chase or his famous girlfriend Jamie Lynn-Sigler. Will Turtle ever start his dream limo company “Lim-Hoes” without the help of Vince and Jamie Lynn and will Georgia be able to win without Knowshon and Matthew?

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Bernie said...

I'm torn about Ealey. I guess he would really have to separate himself and prove he's worth the liability in a blocking scheme. But some word from Woodruff is that he is impressing. I think we all can agree that if he's doing backflips in practice, he will not meet the same redshirt the Dawgs' last #24 met.

But still, tall order I agree.

Good luck against the cajuns. And keep an eye out Ryan Perilloux's ID. I heard it's still lost down there somewhere.