Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Texas may have Muschamp, but Georgia is better off with Bobo

Will Muschamp has turned into a pretty darn good defensive coordinator, at least he was in Auburn. Hard to tell if anybody plays good defense in the Big 12. Kirby Smart is looking good as the defensive coordinator at Alabama. Mike Bobo, Georgia's ofensive coordinator may have the brightest future of the three.

All three were teammates for one season at Georgia, 1994, Muschamp's final year. Muschamp started his coaching career as a GA for Auburn. Smart and Bobo both started at their alma mater. While Smart would move on to be a GA at FSU then an assistant at LSU, before returning to Athens, Bobo spent some time in Valdosta but has never left the state of Georgia.

Muschamp took to Wayne Hall and "Brother" Bill Oliver as mentors. Kirby Smart found Nick Saban and has follwed him everywhere. Mike Bobo left Valdosta to join Mark Richt's first staff in Athens as quarterback's coach and was promoted to offensive coordinator two seasons ago after gaining play calling duties at the end of the 2006 campaign.

The three former Bulldogs have very impressive runs through the coaching ranks of the Southeastern Conference. Muschamp has been named coach in waiting at the University of Texas, a school know to care a little about football. In fact, he was mentioned as a candidate to replace Tommy Tuberville at Auburn but could not turn down the coach in waiting opportunity at Texas or it's distance from Bobby Lowder.

It probably will not be long before we start hearing Kirby Smart mentioned for some coaching vacancies.

But this evenings BUI prediciton centers on the one that never really left. The one that puts the points on the board. The one that played his best game as a Bulldog in his last, although his first was quite a performance against that group from N. Avenue. Mike Bobo, the future head coach of the University of Georgia.

I cannot envision Mark Richt ever leaving Athens for another football job. He will leave on his terms at the time of his choosing. My guess is he will leave much to soon for most of us. He will eventually leave to answer the calling of the Lord to do something outside of football.

When he does, it will be Mike Bobo who steps in to fill the sizeable shoes he will leave behind. That will be just fine with me.


Bernie said...

Yeh, Muschamp may get the keys to the truck sooner than Bobo. But methinks our OC may be a better driver.

Anonymous said...

Bobo coached at Jacksonville State in Alabama prior to joining Richt's staff.

Anonymous said...

Yeah this worked out well in the past...Ray Golf

MikeInValdosta said...

Wow, a Ray Goof, er Golf , reference. While there is some reason for comparison, the same comparison should lead to different conclusions.

Thanks for stopping by.