Thursday, August 6, 2009

Thursday Links

Here are some quality links to get the day going.  Hope to get a post out tonight, but the real world is calling.
Running back by committee possibility again | Football |
"Can I answer the question of who it's going to be right now or what I'd prefer?" offensive coordinator Mike Bobo said. "Yeah, I'd like to have Knowshon or Herschel Walker. Golly, that's evident. You've got to make the best of the situation that we feel like we can succeed."
Position switch helped revitalize Evans, Bulldogs - University Of Georgia - Macon
Bryan Evans never would have complained about making a sacrifice for the good of the team, but the truth is, when Martinez asked him to move from corner to safety, Evans assumed his days as key player on Georgia’s defense were all but over.
Roddy White talks take turn for worse |
When the Falcons worked on their goal-line offense Wednesday, the trotted out their “Bulldog” set. D.J. Shockley was at quarterback with Verron Haynes at fullback and Thomas Brown at running back, all former Georgia Bulldogs players.
Nick Friedell's Blog - Beckham a superstar in the making - ESPN Chicago
Let's start with the obvious: Beckham is a full-time player, who appears to be a graceful athlete and has made a smooth transition from being a minor league shortstop to a major league third baseman. He's the type of player you can build an entire franchise around. Fox is a part-time basher, who looks clunky and out of position whenever he's out in the field. He's the type of player you could build a beer-league softball team around.
Bernie's Dawg Blawg: Thursday Headers
The offices of BDB are undergoing some renovations as we prepare for the upcoming season. Rest assured the dust, sawhorses and empty PBR cans will be outta the way well before we trek over to StillH2O. We here at BerniesDawgBlawg always want your experience to be top-notch. So rest assured that despite some tinkerings and additions to the format, I will continue to bring you the senseless drivel and thoughtless ramblings you've come to adore so much.

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