Saturday, August 1, 2009

Willie, Keep Hitting Him Until he Doesn't Get Up

More searching for the Gators' soft underbelly - Dr. Saturday - NCAA Football -
the two keys to beating Florida are a) Hit the Tebow Child and b) Don't let him touch the ball in the first place. Obviously, both are easier said than done, but among the few teams that have been able to hang an 'L' on the Gators with Tebow at the helm the last two years, LSU, Georgia and Michigan combined for 10 sacks and more than a dozen QB hurries in 2007

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Bernie said...

One of the redeeming qualities often overlook'd about Ol' Willie is the fact that he had Slurbie's number in '07. Sure they scored over 30, but I still think that was one of his best games.

I'm reddy to suit up if needed. FU gators!