Saturday, September 5, 2009

The #1 Dawg Always Wears Red and Orange Always Sux!

BUI has been known to frequent a few dog tracks while waiting on planes. There tends to be a dog track near practically every airport in Florida....

In my stuper, thinking about the Gray-hound attack that is about to storm through Stillwater like Germans through France, the vision of the #1 dawg galloping ahead of the others wearing the red.

Sure, the Pokes have a defense resembling the Maginot Line. Yeah, their coach is 40. The have a lot of "z"z on their roster.

Who gives a blowing tumbleweed?

They are calling Uga an ugly mutt and being all kinds of nasty. The Dawg Nation is scattered from Wichita to Oklahoma City to Tulsa. They are, to say the least, confident.

I say we have them outflanked. We will converge on this place called Stillwater, drink their liquor, maybe befriend a lady or two, and kick their ever loving shit out of them tomorrow.

Enjoy tonight you orange wearing sons of bitches, for tomorrow the Big Dawg Eats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bartender.... ESPN can kiss my ass and I will have another

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