Friday, September 11, 2009

Is Spurrier Still Worth the Hate?

During his tenure at Florida there was no other as reviled by the Bulldawg Nation as Steve Spurrier. Personally, I have not forgotten.

I have not forgotten the end around pass to put 50 on the Sanford Stadium scoreboard. I have not forgotten all the shots he took at the Dawgs in the press. I have not forgotten the press conference when he was introduced as the Redskins coach and stated his goal to make turn the Cowboys into his version of the Georgia Bulldogs. I will never forget.

While last week's performance is not a good omen, I still have the prayer that we will hang 50 on his sorry ass tomorrow. I also hope we do it next year in foodlionville and every time we face him.

So how 'bout you, do you still get fired up for Spurrier, or is he just an old "has been" the game has left behind?

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