Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Woe be Gone Wednesday and Sanford = Carter-Finley

Apparently, many of you were not satisfied with Richard Samuels' performance last Saturday. I, for one, was. Given about 5 to 10 more carries I think he would have busted one. Three times, I believe, the Poke that tackled Samuels had to leave the game. Those guys were not eager to tackle him again.

Well, you can count Richard among the unsatisfied. Bobo thinks we will see a different RS in the near future. Remember, Bobo compares him to Robert Edwards. In this piece he doesn't compare him to Moreno, but it is not exactly a contrast either.
"I remember Knowshon’s first game – and I’m not comparing him to Knowshon – but that first game he really played, one guy brought him down several times in the open field," Bobo said. "(Samuel) has got to get a feel for it. He did play last year, but he wasn’t the main guy and I’m sure there were some nerves there. I thought he ran hard, and I think he’s going to do nothing but get better running the football.”
Bernie has some sticky notes for the Dawgs' locker room. Somebody needs to get them in there. Here's my favorite.
Reshad Jones - We've been pretty critical. But that hit in the fourth Saturday was textbook football. Those horse(bleep!) flags that littered the field should be forgotten. That's the type of highlight that makes Dawg fans (and NFL scouts) sit up and take notice.
Spurrier doesn't think the crowd will be an issue. Sanford will be no different than Carter-Finley. What do you think, Bulldawg Nation?
"The N.C. State crowd was loud and fired up," Spurrier said. "It was a big-time atmosphere. Obviously Georgia's stadium is a little bigger. A little more than 30,000 (more people) will be screaming and yelling for the Bulldogs, but when you can't hear you can't hear so it makes no difference if it's 60,000 or 80,000."
Bryan Evans is not only playing well, with that one play exception, he is saying the right things.
"We just want to see what our identity is and how we come out after a loss," senior safety Bryan Evans said. "We can't let Oklahoma State beat us twice. We can't go out and feel sorry for ourselves. We've got to come out hungry."
The best quote from Cox I have seen yet. This is a fixable problem.
“I can only speak for myself, but it got to the point where I felt like a lot of people were pressing and when stuff wasn’t happening we were trying not to have a really bad play,” Cox said. “People were worrying about not making a mistake, and you can’t play that way, and I was one of the guys doing that.”
I am not saying Joe Cox should be reading The Hobnail Boot, but I agree with AuditDawg.
Comments like that bother me for several reasons. First off, I damn well have the right to criticize you if it’s deserved. I pay my hard-earned money to the UGA Athletic Association and buy tickets so that you can go to school for free and play football. Secondly, that’s such a weak copout and backhanded comment to the knowledgable fan.
So, what does that say about me? This meme from The Chapel Bell gave me cause for some interpersonal reflection. It also made me check my watch to se how long before happy hour.
But instead of combating what a bunch of imbeciles and trolls say on the Internet, Cox should shut up. Their opinions aren’t going to change. And with Cox recognizing it, it gives these comments merit.
Let's hope all the coaches got this message and that everybody on the coaching staff is on the same page this week.
We decided not to play those guys, but we can not go the season with just four receivers. There's no way. We've got to play those guys.
David Ching does his best hot-line counselor routine, and makes some sense.
What if I told you ahead of time that the Bulldogs would travel halfway across the country to open against the nation's No. 9 team under the following circumstances:
a) The summer's odds-on favorite to start at tailback staying behind in Athens with a hamstring injury.
b) The new starting quarterback catching a flu bug less than two days before the team flies to Stillwater, then traveling there separately after the team's departure as a means of quarantine, then playing the entire game after spending much of the previous two days in bed.
c) One of the team's top offensive linemen going down three-quarters of the way into the game with a season-ending knee injury.
If I told you all of that would happen and that Georgia would still have a legitimate chance to win the game in the fourth quarter, would you be satisfied? Because all of that stuff did happen, and Georgia did most certainly have a chance to win.
A Bulldog In Exile is displaying some perspective on things, perhaps we all should.
I don't subscribe to Clay Travis' notion that all is lost after one game. I also don't subscribe to the notion that suddenly CMR has become a bumbling fool. I am willing to concede that I thought there would be more to like about Joe Cox than his handoff ability. I do believe it will take more than one game to convince me that his handoff ability is his strong suit. These coaches have been there every day with this team. I have seen them play nearly one whole game
Rex breaks down our performance against our rivals and compares the chickens to Vandy!
What jumped out at me and maybe you too is that as tough as the South Carolina series seems, it’s on par with our record against Vanderbilt. That blew me away. It’s the same way with Clemson, Kentucky and for many years Florida also. Games like this week with South Carolina always seem close, but we do dominate the Gamecocks.
And, as a final note that really has nothing to do with the football team's performance, I bring you this quote from Hale's response to a reader's question. It makes me wonder why The AJC, or even the ABH, do not even compare to the volume and quality of output Hale provides the Bulldawg Nation. I'm just saying.....
Bulldogs Blog: From the Mailbag: Caleb, Cox and Coaching Confusion
I give some credit to Tim Tucker and Marc Weiszer because I think the AJC (because of its size) and the Banner-Herald (because of its proximity) get a closer look from the folks associated with the team, so they probably get a little more heat for what they write. I slide nicely under the radar, which I'm all for.


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