Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Zac Will Play, Zac Will Pay!

Apparently there was a rumor about Zac Robinson not playing Saturday due to an undisclosed injury. I can assure you Zac Robinson will pay due to a series of blows delivered by hunkering Dawgs!

Source: OSU quarterback Zac Robinson will play on Saturday |
Big week, too, for the rumor mill.

After the Cowboys lost tight end Jamal Mosley and linebacker Orie Lemon — both starters — early in the week, injury reports concerning quarterback Zac Robinson and linebacker Andre Sexton created a stir Wednesday. The response among fans: Enough, already!, a fantasy sports source, reported that Robinson's status "for Saturday's game against Georgia is in doubt, due to an undisclosed injury, a source has told"

False, according to a program insider at OSU.

"Absolutely, positively not true," the source told The Oklahoman.

As for Sexton, the senior linebacker is expected to play against the Bulldogs, but may have been dinged in a practice.

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