Monday, October 19, 2009

The Gator PR Department Admits SEC Robbed Arkansas

SEC Commissioner Mike Slive is determined to ensure two SEC teams are in BCS bowl games. In his Birmingham office, the mantra must be "the ends justify the means". Everybody is not buying it. Take for instance Mike Bianchi, professional Gator propagandists for the Orlando Sentinel.

How badly did SEC officials rob Arkansas against Florida?

How badly did Arkansas get jobbed by the refs at the end of the game against the Gators?

Here are two of the worst calls I've seen in quite some time -- one a pass interference call on the Razorbacks and the other a personal foul.

By the way, this was the same SEC officiating crew that made the ridiculous excessive celebration call against Georgia in the game against LSU two weeks ago.

But don't trust me. Look at the videos yourself:

As if these calls were not bad enough by themselves, add the context of what was taking place in the game at the time these calls were made and the short time span in which they occurred and it all leads to one place.

Florida was trailing by a touchdown with the clock ticking down in the fourth quarter. These two calls kept Florida's game tying drive alive. Bianchi failed to show the horrible spot on a Tebow run in which the SEC official crew award him a first down when it was apparent he was a solid yard short of the spot awarded.

BUI will continue to highlight these indefensible calls made by this crew and to shine sunlight on their reprehensible motivations.

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Anonymous said...

Arkansas wins that game and UGA is right back in the SEC East race and everyone wants UA and UF in Atlanta. Little Timmy and the boys won't be denied even if the officials have to help.
Total BS!!!!!