Saturday, October 10, 2009

I was Afraid, Now I am Just Plain Scared

I had a bad feeling with the Georgia Bulldogs going to Knoxville, and an even worse feeling with regard to how the Bulldog Nation would react.

Personally, I am not reacting well.  Despite my call for calm, frankly, I would not be disappointed if Mike Bobo and Willie Martinez were denied to entry to the bus for the ride home.

Just as I expected, both coordinators attempted to out scheme our opponent rather than simply letting our talent play. It was ugly, pure and simple. Willie's boys made Jonathan Crompton look like the second coming of Peyton Manning.  Mike Bobo was as erratic as ever in his play calling.  Special Teams and defense accounted for all of our ALL of our points! Let that sink in.

Jonathan Crompton would win the Heisman if he could face our defense every week. We were  pathetic in every aspecct of the game sans special teams. Mark Richt has made Paul Finebaum look like a genuis!

I am going to get drunk!


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Alan Ashley said...

At this point, I'm going to need to Jack. The performance on both sides of the ball was such that I can't even point fingers.

I have come to the conclusion that if things don't turn around and in a hurry, we maybe in for a long 6 games. With AU, FL, Tech in there, I can actually see only 2 wins, 3 at the most.

Another sad day in the neighborhood.

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