Monday, October 12, 2009

Is Figgins the Answer to Running Game?

The Georgia Bulldogs are in desperate need of a running game. Much has been made of the problems the offensive line have had this year. I, for one, think a great deal of our difficulty running the ball can be laid at the feet of our tight ends and fullbacks not blocking as well as we have grown acustomed to.

Richard Samuel failed to convert a third and one on the opening drive. At least that is how the coaches reacted to it. From what I saw, the fullback was essentially blown up in the hole and his man initiated contact with Richard behind the line of scrimmage. Samuel was benched for what seemed like the next two and a half quarters.

The I-formation toss sweep, long a staple of the Georgia running game, has been dreadful. There is no corner to get to. The tight ends are getting beat and the fullback, having too many defenders to choose from, ends up blocking no one.

Bruce Figgins, a road grader of a blocking tight end with respectable hands, is coming off of his six game suspension. There has been talk of red-shirting him. Who knows how the decision will be made, will he have a say? I for one say get him in there!

Every report I have read indicates he has had a great attitude and has been working hard throughout his suspension. We need him, and we need him now. At this point, we need all the help we can get.

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