Tuesday, October 6, 2009

It is Time for the Return of Evil Richt

It is time. The Georgia Bulldogs have their backs against the wall once again. It is time to go nuclear. It is time for the Return of Evil Richt.

It's time to circle the wagons and have an "us against the world" attitude. No time for niceties. No time for aw shucks reverence.  No time for taking prisoners. No time for mercy.

This isn't the time for stoicism. Not the time for calm, nor is it time to panic. Put simply, it's time to whip the man in front of you.

No time for trickery. No time for rest. It's time to put the meanest eleven on the field and let them give it their best.

We have been here before. We have seen talented teams play down to the level of the competition and we have seen the lesser teams beat us by simply wanting it more. It is time for Mark Richt to get his mojo back.

It is time to stop playing it safe and turn the Dawgs loose. We have far too much talent for this. We may lack discipline, nothing new there, so why fight it. Let's stop trying to be a finesse team and let these players play with wreckless abandon.

We control our destiny. All the ingredients are there. We have the talent, however young and inexperienced it may be, we have the coaching, however helter skelter it has been. Let's quite trying to reinvent the wheel and let these guys go out there and have fun. It has worked before and it will work again.

There should be only two goals for every game, win and have fun. To hell with balance. To hell with getting player x touches. Take what the defense is giving us and keep taking it until they have prooved they can stop it. Simplify things and let the talent take over. Let these kids have fun playing the game they were born to play.

We cannot let this game become Mike Bobo against Monte Kiffin, or Willie Martinez against Lane Kiffin. It has to be about our players winning their individual battles. We can't send our kids onto the field looking like they are taking a chemistry exam. Let them go out there and play the game the way they know how to play it.

Let's stop playing to cover up our weaknesses and start playing to our strengths and the wins will come, along with the fun.



Anonymous said...

Agree with everything but "we have the coaching, however helter skleter it has been". How do you have 3 walk-ons and a 2nd string QB on that final kickoff? Coaching is getting in the way of victories!

Randy (genxdawg) said...

HELL YES! GATA! Turn 'em loose and let's just see what happens. This is right in line with my blog from last night. Fine job, Mike.

AuditDawg said...

I agree with all you say, except this; "To hell with getting player x touches". That should be replaced with "To hell with getting player x touches unless player x's name is AJ Green. Then player x should be getting as many touches as possible". Other than that, it is summed up perfectly.

MikeInValdosta said...

+1 AuditDawg