Monday, October 19, 2009

Once Again, SEC Officials Admit Incompetence

The Southeastern Conference has no shame. So what is the outcomes of big-time ballgames are effected by blatantly bad calls by their chosen officiating crew. They get the result they want, apologize on Monday, and laugh all the way to the bank.

Orlando Sentinel - SEC says officials made the incorrect call on personal foul penalty against Arkansas by Andrea Adelson
The SEC has ruled the referees working the UF-Arkansas game were incorrect when they made a crucial personal foul call against Hogs DT Malcolm Sheppard on the Gators' game-tying drive in the fourth quarter.

Sheppard was whistled for a 15-yard penalty, giving the Gators a first-and-goal at the 10. They scored on the next play, tying the game at 20 with 7:27 remaining.

Every Monday, the league reviews calls from its games as standard procedure. It released a statement Monday saying, "After video review, there was no evidence on the video to support the personal foul penalty called on Arkansas midway through the fourth quarter."

There also was another questionable pass interference call made on the same drive against Ramon Broadway that gave the Gators a first down on the Arkansas 21. The SEC said that call was a "judgment call" and "a review of those calls have been communicated to Arkansas.”

The questionable calls have led to chatter wondering whether Arkansas got robbed.

The crew working the game, led by referee Marc Curles, is the same one that blew a call in the Georgia-LSU game. A.J. Green was whistled for excessive celebration on the Bulldogs' go-ahead touchdown. The penalty on the eunsuing kickoff allowed LSU a short field. The Tigers scored the winning TD two plays later. The SEC said the officials made the wrong call on that one as well.

The league had no comment on the officiating crew.


Anonymous said...

I've saw Tebow celebrate many times last Saturday and in the past. Is he better than anyone else?

MikeInValdosta said...

If Tebow was held to the same standard as AJ Green, every Florida 1st down would result in a 15 yard penalty.

Marc Curles is either a racist or a cheat. Either way, he has no business spectating, let alone officiating, at a SEC game!

Anonymous said...

In the officials eyes:

Tebow dancing around like a damn fool after every minor accomplishment makes him a great leader who is firing up his team.

AJ Green and Malcolm Sheppard showing brief emotional displays after great plays are thugs drawing attention to themselves.

Hmmmm...Why would the officials assume that Green and Sheppard are troublemakers and Tebow is not? What trait do Green and Sheppard have in common that Tebow doesn't?

Anonymous said...

Marc Curles(official in both the UGA vs. LSU game and the UF vs Ark game) is a GEORGIA TECH graduate.. you can send him your comments: