Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Poll for You Dawg Nation: Who Stays, Who Goes?

Bulldog Nation, here's the question, coach by coach, if left up to you, who stays and who goes?

Questions in the right hand margin.


UGA NATION Blog said...

What I want is for CMR to come out and tell everyone that he is going to hold the coaches accountable for their performances.
I want CMR to let us and the coaches know at the same time that if they continue to fail things will change. I want to know that the coaches are under that expectation and see what happens.

I know that is a lot of pressure but they should be under pressure at his point. A lot of pressure.

Bernie said...

Against Vandy, I just wanna see that they give a damn. The OSU and LSU losses were hard, but at least they seemed into it. Saturday everyone looked dazed and disinterested. Made it twice as bad.

What is it about Knoxville the last two trips? Ugh!