Sunday, November 1, 2009

Look Like Grambling, Play Like Grambling, Time to be Georgia

The Georgia Bulldogs attended their own funeral Saturday and dressed for the occasion. The black no longer serves as inspiration, it serves as a symbolic metaphor foretelling the day's outcome. In fact, with the amount of yellow being thrown the Dawgs way, one could easily mistake this team for Grambling. The differences between the Georgia football team and Grambling's are small and shrinking.

I have no idea what, if any, effect the black had on the players, but I can assure you if did not elicit a positive reaction from the more seasoned fans. The students appeared to like it. The rest of us had an eerie feeling Coach Richt had just shoved us "all-in" and the deck was stacked against us. There was no getting away from this one. Fifty years from now, Gators will be talking about the "black hat" game.

I love the University of Georgia and will never be embarrassed by it. No flags were lowered by this Dawg. Surrender is not forthcoming.

I am disappointed, to be sure. More disappointment may be coming with four games remaining. Auburn and Tech have yet to take their shot at the Bulldogs. Kentucky will take any win they can get against us, there will be no asterisk indicating it was against the "black hat" team. We will get the Wildcats' best effort. Thankfully, homecoming is against Tennessee Tech.

Winning two is a must in order to go to a bowl game. I do not care which bowl game, but I am certain we must go to a bowl game. Missing a bowl game is more than money for the program, it is much needed practice time for the younger players, the very players we are counting on to pull us out of this tail spin.

We have seen much promise from these young pups. We have talent. Unfortunately, we lack experience at the most important position on the field. Bowl practice is needed now more than ever.

Failing to secure a bowl game will place the Georgia Bulldog football program behind the eight-ball. I don't even want to consider recruiting. The stakes are high in these final four games. More than the pride of rivalries, the very essence of our football lives is at stake.

Despite the unis, I saw glimpses of good Georgia football Saturday. Despite the turnovers and penalties, there were moments of sound football played by the Dawgs. The "coach-able moments" were once again plentiful. This time some of those moments were positive, a foundation to build on.

We ran the ball pretty well against a very good defense. Our defense was victim to some big plays and several penalties, but showed some moxie. Walsh and Butler are simply brilliant. Let's build on it and make something of these last four games. Let's turn them into five!

Go Dawgs!

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UGA NATION Blog said...

Ha! Exact same thing that came to mind when they took the field, "we look like Grambling"...

Can we not just focus on the game?

And wasn't it CMR who said that they wouldn't wear different uni's until they earned it? I am sure we can all agree this team hasn't earned.