Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The BCS debate will not go away

One of the best Georgia Football blogs out there is Get The Picture. Senator Blutarsky does an excellent job of producing and gathering fine content for the Bulldawg Nation and college football fans in general. The Senator is an ardent supporter of the BCS and today he takes a shot at John Feinstein for supporting a true playoff.

I urge you to read his original post and the arguments/comments here.

My response:

I am no Feinstein apologist, but perhaps the demand for football is greater than basketball, regardless of post-season format. Surely the Senator is not implying basketball could bring in more money if they would dump the "brackets" for some pageant style bowl system such as the BCS...

Does anybody out there believe the SEC regular season, with all of its conference title implications, would be diminished if second teams from the SEC made some type of NCAA run championship tourney as an at-large bid?

I understand this is the system we are stuck with. Furthermore, I understand the financial implications to change, but these implications would be most felt by outside interests.

The BCS has, more often than not, produced a quality match up for deciding the MNC. However, it also produces Hawaii v. Dawgs. It is always fun to watch the Globetrotters trounce the Generals, but wouldn’t it be nice to see how they stack up against a quality opponent? Does anyone believe D-1 basketball should adopt a BCS style post-season?

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