Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Media Days turns into a game of Clue

My predictions for media days have yet to transpire, but it is early. Day one of Media Days was even worse than predicted. Today produced 900 media members playing the SEC's version of "Clue". I have an unopened bottle of Jim Beam for the first coach that proudly proclaims he did NOT vote for Tebow (or hopefully a $25 donation to Prince Avenue Baptist Church).

On a side note, rumor has it Mike Bianchi desires to be "re-circumcised". Due to the restraining order Tebow has taken out on him, Bianchi wants Urban Meyer to do the "honor" and he wants him to do it slow.

Pat Dooly was seen caddying for Steve Spurrier on the Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail. Buddy Martin got a DUI celebrating Meyer's "victory in Alabama", or being named best coach in the SEC in some poll depending on your perspective. All other SEC columnist were busy playing Clue. Spoiler alert: Judas did it.

Paul Finebaum is under 24-hour security, and rightfully so. Rumor has it Finebaum will be targeting Les Miles. Apparently, Les is going to become a full time hat model for The Game, either that or something to do with Michigan or Notre Dame. Paul has yet to decide which rumor he is going to create/report on.

Now onto what really happened.

There was a late addition to the media horde, Willard finally got his credentials in order and filed this report.

Better yet, check out the scribe from Syracuse.

The most useful link I found today.

On a serious note, how about those Bravos!

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