Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Virgin and Votegate

Upon reflection, Mike Slive was compelled to change the name of this week's event to "The Vote for Virginity". Slive took full responsibility, claiming it is obvious to everyone the purpose of the event was to further glorify the Saint that is Timothy. Furthermore, Slive went on to say it was a mistake to invite other teams to the event and he personally apologized to Tebow. The Gator Nation and ESPN both accepted the apology.

Will Steve Spurrier be allowed to take back all those pre-season votes for Duke? Seriously. The man that has given a pre-season vote to Duke every year since 1990 was compelled to change his vote from Jevan Snead to Tim Tebow. No, he didn't claim it was a hanging chad, nor did he claim the ballot was too difficult to read. He blamed it on an assistant. Oh how the mighty has fallen.

Like an unforeseen weather pattern, or a Tim Geithner speech, the "V and V Episode" has placed our Media Days' expectations in jeopardy. After all, when they change the name of the event and allow coaches to change their votes, speculation becomes a fool's game. Still, before we write off the predictions, we will have to wait on Paul Finebaum's column that should be published around July 28.

Given the events that occurred, it will be hard for even the most stubborn of muckrakers to take a shot at any coach other than man that once was Steve Spurrier. Of course, Paul, the master of the qualified statement MAY focus on virginity and vote-gate. IT IS POSSIBLE Finebaum will deliver a piece that both questions the veracity of Timothy Tebow's virginity claim, and criticizes Spurrier for changing his vote. After all, Nick Saban PROBABLY would have been man enough to take the heat.

And finally, if there was ever any doubt Mike Bianchi has a man crush on Tebow, his RUMORED offer to de-flower the god from Gainesville should remove any doubt. Stay strong Timmy, remember when Bianchi asks you to get in the spread formation, he is not talking football.


Bernie said...

Even if it was unintentional, leave it to the Visor to take the limelight from the superstar reptiles. Albeit during the waning moments of HooverMania.

I (for one) don't buy the contriteness for a minute. Spurrier may not have an offense stocked with weapons, but he can still put together a game plan.

MikeInValdosta said...

I,too think it was all planned. He just lost his nerve. His "relevance" is dropping faster than his place in the reptile annals.

I bet "Direction" Carolina will not be rushing to hire Stevie Jr.