Thursday, July 16, 2009

A Pay per View Event in the Making

In the blue corner is Mike Bianchi, Gator loyalist that will have “Death to Dooley” inscribed on his tomb. In the red corner we have Paul Finebaum, a Tennessee escapee that churned butter as a child and uses this skill to stir the pot on his daily radio show and in occasional columns. Officiating our bout will be Tony “I don’t have a Dawg in the fight” Barnhart.

Bianchi’s corner consist of Buddy “swamp stew” Martin, Pat “don’t call me Vince” Dooly and Huntley “the gator didn’t do it” Johnson. Finebaum is backed by the ghost of Paul Bryant, Sr. and MUCDA, the Memphis Used Car Dealers Association. The winner of this cage match will receive a lifetime achievement award from The Bleacher Report.

Seriously, in this case I am not buying “the pen is mightier than the sword”. Let’s get these guys in the ring and let them settle it trailer park style.

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