Monday, July 20, 2009

Take 2 Aspirin and Drink Plenty of Water

It was a busy weekend in Valdosta with a slew of family in town and lots of golf, including the British Open on the tube. Watching Watson was reminiscent of my childhood, only this time I was pulling for him. In the end, it wasn't meant to be, but here's to @StewartCink. His twitter updates on his troubles getting to Scotland and his carry-on luggage coming back have been priceless. Rex Robinson opines here.

Back to the typical mid-summer football oleo that leads up to the SEC Media Days.

Jim Donnan was inducted into College Football Hall of Fame. I was never a big Jim Donnan hater, except for that opener back in 96, but he won me over in the rain against Texas-Tech and I stayed with him through Columbia in 2000. Mark Bradley gives his take, as does Bill King with a bonus recap of the greatest wins of the Donnan era as he sees it.

Tim Tebow is not unanimous selection as All-SEC QB per coaches. Why wasn't Tebow unanimous? Darrell Owenby examines, along with a myriad of other columnists and bloggers. Personally, I find the pre-season All-SEC team about as worthy as a Hanoi Jane diatribe, but hey it is summer and look at all the thousands of words produced in July.

The Dawgs are starting to roll in the "Verbal Commitment" department. These commitments are not binding, but Mark Richt is beating the hell out of par in holding onto his "verbals". Kipp Adams gives a great review of "Dawg Night". Ohio State bemoans the loss of Garrison "Jeff Owens 2.0" Smith. Blutarsky ran a great piece on SEC spending on recruiting with Knoxville and West Opelika leading the way. Chris Low knows a good story when he reads one.

Things are happening on the hard court and this blogger likes what he sees. The coaching staff has been finalized as Westerdawg reports. Daugman informs us about Sundiata Gaines and his aspirations to become an Atlanta Hawk. If you are a basketball fan, please do yourself a favor and take some time to read over his site thoroughly, he really has his finger on the pulse of Coach Fox's team.

Team Speed Kills gives a brief look at the schedule for Media Days.

Finally, it has been said, putting a football playoff together for D-1 is not rocket science. Perhaps, early in 2010, President Obama and teleprompter will give an inspiring speech proclaiming that we will develop the technology and where with all to implement a post season tournament to decide a football champion on the gridiron free of the politics of personal destruction (voters wearing vest).

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