Monday, August 31, 2009

Another Pokie gets Busted

Tulsa World: OSU's Cox arrested on complaint of driving with suspended license
Oklahoma State cornerback Perrish Cox was arrested on a complaint of driving with a suspended license on Friday, the Stillwater police department confirmed on Monday.


RedCrake said...

Just like the other OSU guy, he'll be playing in the game Saturday.

UGA's had its share of run-ins with the law in the last few years, but at least Richt has always disciplined them regardless of the upcoming opponent. That's about as clean a program as you can run these days.

On the plus side, I guess Gundy's plan to keep away the distractions isn't working so well.

Bernie said...

He's a man...he keeps lawyers on retainer.

RedCrake said...

For your viewing pleasure, the latest Mike Gundy YouTube sensation:

"For those of you who read this, I don't read it. This was brought to me by a mother...of children. I think this is worth reading...let me tell you about this article. 3/4 of this is innaccurate, its fiction! And this article embarrasses me to be involved with athletics. Tremendously! And that article had to have been written by a person who doesn't have a child. And has never had a child that's had their heart broken and come home upset. And had to deal with a child when he is upset. And kick a person when he's down. Here's all that kid did: He goes to class, he's respectful to the media, he's respectful to the public, and he's a good kid. And he's not a professional athlete and he doesn't deserve to be kicked when he's down. Sure, he may have been driving on a suspended license but so what? If you have a child someday, you'll understand how it feels. But you obviously don't have a child. I do. Your child goes down the street and somebody makes fun of him because he drove on a suspended license in Stillwater, Oklahoma or says he got arrested? And he comes home crying to his'd understand. But you don't have that and someday you will. And when your child comes home you'll understand. If you wanna go after an of my go after one that doesn't have a suspended license. You don't downgrade him because he drove with a suspended license and may not play as well on Saturday. You let us make that decision. That's why I don't read the newspaper. Because it's garbage. And the editor that let it come out is garbage. Attacking an amateur athlete for getting arrested while driving on a suspended license. And then you want to write articles about guys who don't do other things right (like getting arrested with marijuana) and downgrade em'. The ones that do make plays. Are you kidding me? Where are we at in society today? Come after me!!! I'm a man!!! I'm 42!!! I'm not a kid. Write something about me."