Monday, August 31, 2009

L.A. via Stillwater

With apologies to the CDB's Uneasy Rider

Normally, like now, I get a little nervous in the days leading up to a new season. Last year I bought into the hype, let my heart control my head and was the ultimate over-confident fan. This year I am back to normal, sweating everything and looking for what could go wrong when there is obviously much that could go right.

Saturday's game is the first in what promises to be a very difficult schedule. Oklahoma State, a top 10 team, in Stillwater, in front of about 50,000 Cowboy fans, in a newly refurbished stadium, on national television. Sounds like Mark Richt's kind of briar patch.

What better opportunity  to prove one's worth.  Young puppies will mature into prized Dawgs. Unproven players that have waited their turns will be rewarded. Respect will be earned.

A victory in Stillwater is the prescribed tonic to rid ourselves of last year's ailments, to fortify ourselves for this years SEC battles. Stillwater will serve as a springboard, once again giving the Dawgs the opportunity to reach new hieght under Richt. The season may get tougher as it goes, these first two months are surely brutal. But Stillwater, like some mythical fountain worthy of Spanish exploration, Stillwater will soothe our souls and reinforce our resolve.

There have been many comparisons between DJ Shockley and Joe Cox. The comparison the matters most is how Mark Richt has bounced back from dissapointment, regardless of personnel. 2004 was a dissappointment, many vaunted senoirs led an underachieving unit. Nothing was expeccted of the 2005 team but rebuilding. Sound familiar?

Stillwater will set the tone for the season. I am not expecting AC/DC, no, for me it will be Aretha Franklin: R E S P E C T

Richt and the Dawgs will earn it in Stillwater. They may not get it from the Gameday crew, but I care more about the respect the earn in themselves. For that kind of respect is a currency that goes a long way toward championships.

I can't wait to get to Stillwater.  GO DAWGS!!!

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