Monday, August 24, 2009

Bianchi Takes Shot at Corch. Really!

Ole Mikey is back to playing hard to get with the man that is number two on the free pass list he has with his wife. Yes, Mrs. Bianchi will excuse any marital infidelity by Mikey as long as it occurs with someone on the approved list (Tebow, Meyer, Spurrier). Mikey must think hard to get is the way to go after five years of slobbering all over the guy.
Orlando Sentinel - Urban Meyer needs to lay off Ron Zook by
I don't know whether hazing took place at UF under Zook, but I do know many coaches, including Meyer himself, have some ritualistic and oppressive methods of instituting their philosophies. In Meyer's first year, for instance, he would send injured UF players to "The Pit", wrap them in chains and have them carrying big rocks up and down the stadium steps.

Is that hazing -- or just draconian?

Personally, I think I'd rather have my eyebrows shaved.

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