Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Dawgs vs. Army, I hope not

A lot of talk about the Dawgs scheduling future games with West Point. I hope it does not come to pass. I always root for the service academy's when they play. I for one, have never rooted for Goliath and I do not want the Dawgs cast in that role.

As compelling as a trip to the banks of the Hudson, or East River, would be, I rather not. Sure it would be great to go up and show the media capital of the world how we do things, but beating up on the Cadets is not my cup of tea. The Hudson Valley in the fall is picturesque and I would enjoy the trip, just not the game.

My professional life forced me to spend far too much time on the ole I-95 corridor. I have no intention of going back for "pleasure". I'll endure and show up for a game with Rutgers, but not Army. Never Army. Bring on the Terps, not Navy.

Frankly, Colorado Springs and the Red Rocks are beautiful, Cripple Creek and it's boom town casino's, Pike's Peak and all it's glory, all things everyone should experience, but I don't want to play Air Force either.

I just do not think it is possible for me to relish any victory over these fine young men. These men that compete without the hope of future riches from the NFL, but with the very real expectation of sacrificing for their country. In a time when no one can predict the next deployment, the next hot zone, these are the men that will lead our forces wherever they are needed. These are the men I want to go undefeated in life.

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