Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Oklahoma State: The next Bama

Tulsa World: Practice Report Oklahoma State
NCAA investigates freshman: OSU officials confirmed that the NCAA is investigating the academic transcripts of Joe Mitchell, a first-year freshman safety from Morton Ranch High School in Katy, Texas.

If Mitchell is not cleared by Friday, it is expected that he no longer would be allowed to practice with the Cowboys. Two sources told ESPN.com that Katy Morton officials or coaches may have altered Mitchell's academic transcripts.

"I found out about that (on Monday)," Gundy said. "(Mitchell has) a personal issue that he has to take care of back at home. I don't know all of the details yet. Hopefully, he can get it worked out."


RedCrake said...

A personal issue like getting caught with drugs? That seems to be the OSU way.

I guess with Gundy it doesn't matter.

While 2 of our starter will be sitting out the OSU game, Gundy's boys will be on the field.

I suspect if he thought this kid could help him he'd be playing too...NCAA be damned.

MikeInValdosta said...

The NCAA is the only way any Pokes will miss this game. I doubt the Big-12 offices would have any interest in taking action against one of their schools involved in an inter-conference game.

Anonymous said...

What are you guys talking about? This is an issue with an in-coming freshman's high school. Not with OSU. I don't think the freshman was even in contention for a spot this year in the first place. And Gundy has a long, consistent history of getting rid of players who don't act responsibly. Look at his first year in charge after Les Miles left. I think he kicked 6 or 7 players off the team for breaking team rules?