Monday, August 3, 2009

Finebaum gets Foiled

Master of Muckraking or Jackass in a Hat

Finebaum gets foiled by Hale. From the quality of the post, I can only assume this was authored by a sober man.
BULLDOGS BLOG: Is Richt on the Hot Seat?
is there even one that you'd spend more than two seconds considering swapping Mark Richt for?
Having read the professional and sober response, it is now time to read the drunk obnoxious Georgia fan's preemptive strike when it was first announced Finebaum would be going after Richt.
Dawgs Blogging Under the Influence: Everything isn't "Fine" in the SEC
Talk about Lucifer explaining the ills of society. Paul taking on rumors and innuendo in college football is akin to Phillip Morris ads educating us on the dangers of smoking. The only difference is congress mandated the anti-smoking spots, this "journalist's" motives are beyond this BUI convict.

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