Monday, August 3, 2009

Take Two Aspirin and Read

This really isn't the first time players have moved on. I understand the narrative, but we have been here before. We may not have had to replace a quarterback that was the top overall draft pick, but we have replaced an all-time career wins quarterback. Heck, when Zeier left he was holding several UGA and SEC records. Garrison Hearst was a pretty decent running back, we replaced him.

Until the season starts the narrative will remain, "look what Georgia lost, how can they replace that?" Joe Cox has the answer.
Bulldogs enjoy being under radar - University Of Georgia - Macon
“There’s a possibility to get worse and a possibility to get better,” Cox said. “We want to get better and do just as good as they did when they were here. We have guys that can play, and we’re going to do our best to make plays and be successful as an offense. It’s not like because those guys left, we’re packing up and saying ‘OK defense, win games for us.’ We want to be successful, too, and we’re doing everything we can.”
Mr. Tucker takes it a little further.
The pressing issues of preseason camp | UGA Sports
But there are lots of other issues, too, from who’ll win the kickoff job (Blair Walsh or Brandon Bogotay?) to who’ll be the backup quarterback (Logan Gray or Aaron Murray/Zach Mettenberger?). From how many of last year’s injured players will prove to be as good as new to how many of the incoming freshmen will be ready to contribute immediately. And some issues are more generalized, such as improving tackling and reducing penalties.
Construction along your commute got you down? The Dawgs feel your pain. Unless, of course your commute is to the airport, in that case, it truly is "Great to be a Georgia Bulldawg!"
Butts-Mehre expansion alters Bulldogs’ routine | Football |
“It’s the old adage like when you go to a hotel, ‘Pardon Our Dust’ while we expand or try to improve,” athletic director Damon Evans said. “That’s what we’re saying, ‘Pardon Our Dust.’ It shouldn’t impact us too much this year.”
T Kyle is reading the "tea leaves" and comes up with a seemingly contradictory prediction. This Dawg hopes he is half right.
The 2009 Georgia Bulldogs Will Beat the 2009 National Champions - Dawg Sports
Naturally, as an SEC partisan with a 'Dawg in that particular fight, I was reminded by that passage of a certain other neutral-site division-rivalry showdown that has resisted all attempts to expunge its longstanding politically-incorrect nickname from the lexicon, lest the participants in the event come across as insensitive to the hypersensitive.
While I think it is a little premature to be ranking the best teams of the yet to be concluded decade, that didn't stop Was Georgia dissed? Bill King takes a look.
Dogs ranked No. 8 for the decade | The Junkyard Blawg
But from a Georgia fan’s standpoint, the first thing that jumps out at you is that every team ahead of the Dogs on this list has won a national championship in this decade. In fact, Miami’s lone BCS title in 2001 is probably the main reason they’re ranked ahead of UGA. Yes, the Canes should’ve played for the national championship at the end of the 2000 season but didn’t. And while they did play for it again in 2002, they lost to Ohio State. First part of the decade, they were one of the nation’s strongest programs.
Take a ride on Scott's rollercoaster of Dawgmotions.
The Stuff of Legend: Sorry...a depressing thought to start your Monday
But the 2008 season that started with so much promise and hype has to be one of the most frustrating sports seasons I can remember...even in most of the wins, it seemed like we never really hit our potential. That we still won 10 games in such a frustrating year just tells you what kind of job our coaching staff has done in elevating both the performance and the expectation level for this program.
In Mike Bianchi's world, thou shall not speak ill of any gator, even if you were once the mightiest of gators.
Orlando Sentinel - Steve Spurrier's snub of Tim Tebow immortalized in editorial cartoon by
Perhaps even funnier than the cartoon is that now Spurrier is apologizing for apologizing.

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