Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Is Quintin Banks Healthy?

This comes from the Red and Black's practice notes.  This does not sound good at all, especially when you read the notes on the second team defense. Fortunately, this is the first real practice and there is time for improvement. Hopefully, there is also time for healing.
The Red and Black
Junior strong safety Quintin Banks did not look full strength today. Sporting a massive knee brace, Banks ran stiff-legged, and walked somewhat awkwardly. In drills Banks looked like he knew where he needed to be, but just didn’t have the speed to get to the ball. A tough break, because he’s an upperclassmen who has the playbook down. I observed a leadership moment as well, as Banks was the first safety up from the first water break, yelling out where the secondary was headed next.

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