Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Meyer Begins Contract Negotiations with Notre Dame

Amidst all of the hoopla surrounding Urban Meyer's $4 million per year contract extension is the lack of any buyout clause talk. Sure, he is now being payed on a par with Charlie Weis, but how much money will it take for him to remove himself from Gainesville and cash his 4 million a year in Indiana?

Why isn't Jeremy Foley lauding that they have locked Corch up? Is Brantley not the next Tim Tebow? Have the expectations gotten too high? Are the legal fees getting out of hand?

Truth is, of the $4 million, he has to give 1 million back in donations every year. Florida Gators make Urban Meyer highest-paid SEC coach - OrlandoSentinel.com
In conjunction with the deal, Meyer has committed to giving back $1 million to the Florida Opportunity Scholars Program over the duration of the contract, a school spokesman said. The Florida Opportunity Scholars Program was created by Machen to provide financial help to first-generation, financially disadvantaged students. Meyer and men's basketball coach Billy Donovan have helped spearhead Machen's cause, and the goal is to raise $50 million.
When Mark Richt extended his contract with Georgia, he was more than happy to have a strong buyout clause, one that removed most if not all doubt he was in Athens for the long haul and was not looking to return to Tallahassee. Where is this type of commitment on Urban Meyer's part?
CNNSI.com - College Football - Georgia gives Richt eight-year extension - Thursday December 26, 2002 11:25 PM
Richt said he was glad to have the deal, which includes a buyout clause of at least $3 million, worked out before the bowl game.
"A lot of talk has been going on. I think it's good to know going into this game that we don't have to answer those questions," he said.
Dooley concurred.
"We have made a strong commitment to him, and he has also made a strong commitment to us," Dooley said.
Nothing like that coming out of Gainesville. What is coming out of Gainesville: Florida Gators make Urban Meyer highest paid in SEC with 6-year, $24 million deal - ESPN
Despite the increase in pay, Meyer's buyout penalty remains $500,000 if he were to leave for any school, including Notre Dame, ESPN's Joe Schad has reported. Florida has taken the stance that it wants coaches who want to be at the university.
What do we take from that small buyout? More importantly, what do Notre Dame and next year's recruits think about? My guess, Notre Dame knows it will take half a million, plus a small raise over what they are paying Weis, to make Urban's dreams come true.

5:05 pm Update:
Deal doesn't mean Meyer's staying forever - CFB News - FOX Sports on MSN
The buyout on Meyer's new contract at Florida is just $500,000. Now, in the real world — especially in an economy that has the University of Florida cutting and slashing its budget left and right, chopping off over $40 million this year alone — a half a million isn't anything to sneeze at. But in the silly world of big-time athletics — especially at a place like Notre Dame — $500,000 to bring in a coach with Meyer's stature and résumé is a pittance.

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