Tuesday, August 25, 2009

It's Tuesday, Buckle Those Chin-Straps

For no apparent reason, I am beginning to tense up as I walk by strangers, as if I am preparing to be#34 running over Bill Bates.  I hope nobody in my presence these next few days dares to wear orange. I cannot be held responsible.  Hunker Down!!

Nice piece on Kade Weston: Weston hidden behind hyped duo at DT | Football | OnlineAthens.com
"As far as potential, I haven't had that confidence in a group in a long time," Garner said. "As far as feeling that they're interchangeable, as far as being able to mix and match starters. I remember when I had (Richard) Seymour and (Marcus) Stroud and Johnathan Sullivan was backing them up. I felt like it was interchangeable. Right now, I feel like I've got a lot of options."
I really believe nobody feels the sting of last year's season quite like Coach Richt. He may be trying to "share his pain" with his players. GATA, Coach!:
Grueling practices help Georgia make up for lost time - University Of Georgia - Macon
As the injuries accumulated last season, Georgia’s practices were scaled back. Richt rolled the dice on preparing his players in order to avoid the risk of another costly injury. The result was a series of lapses in basic fundamentals that often bordered on embarrassment, and the Georgia head coach vowed a change this year.

There isn’t a player in the Bulldogs’ locker room willing to say Richt didn’t follow through on his promise. Their bodies are a testament to how grueling this preseason has been. The tempo has been frenetic, the contact has been brutal and the preparation has been sharp. With temperatures approaching triple digits, the Bulldogs have stayed late on the practice fields routinely, running additional drills and pushing their bodies to the breaking point. It has been a tribute to the intensity the team sorely lacked a year ago.
Just read this:Bernie's Dawg Blawg: Bracing for IMPACT
I know this could generate some interesting discussion and I've been wanting to post it for a couple weeks. But truthfully, I've had some trouble narrowing this list down. But as Kramer would say, It's GO time!
ABIX is auditioning for a job with ESPN, either that or he is drinking from Schlabach's thermos : A Bulldog in Exile: The SEC East, One Blogger's View
Florida: OMG!1! They are the bestest ever. TGCPE is back. All 22 from the two deep on defense are back. Florida will be tough. However, last year showed that even Superman gets the blues. TGCPE isn't going to win the Heisman. He'll be elected President in 2048. He'll lose re-election in 2052 to an upstart from Oklahoma. Florida's 19 70+ year streak with at least one loss is safe.
I am guessing Rex also thinks we will be running it right at 'em : So Far, I’m Wrong and Loving It | Roughing the Kicker by Rex Robinson
I believe the continued emergence of Richard and Associates will be an answer to prayer and The Bulldog Nation is very, very thankful for that.
The Ted, not just a baseball stadium anymore : Freshman spotlight: TE Orson Charles « The Chapel Bell
And don’t be surprised if you see Charles split out wide in what Richt calls the Ted formation, where a tight end lines up in the slot. If he can grasp the scheme, Charles could be deadly in this role.
Schultz goes fishing in a barrel : Countdown: Gundy (quack), Vick (Goose), Holtz (turkey) | Jeff Schultz
“You’ve got a lot of cute girls out there. There’s a lot of things going on. Guys have to focus. We’re trying to reel them in. … There’s a lot of distractions right now. Because we can’t keep them in camp. They’re out there on campus.” Oh no. Not campus! Maybe barbed wire fences would help, coach?
Like a call from your mother-in-law just when the wife is feeling amorous, Bradley chimes in : 5 reasons Georgia should be concerned about Joe Cox | Mark Bradley

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