Monday, August 24, 2009

Panic: Here Comes the Spread (It has to be Wide)

Georgia has started putting in the game plan for the Pokes and the Scout Team is running the Spread and BUI finally has most all of its affairs in order. A new pair of red slacks has been purchased (a size bigger this year) and all I have left to do is secure my duckets for the WLOCP.  Visited a Super Walmart in Florida with a liiquor store over the weekend. Jim Beam was $21.99/1.5L. I bought two cases. Yes, Bernie, I am ready!

He's a Man, Leave Him Alone: Tulsa World: Why did Gundy lock the gates?
Only a small handful of media types — those considered friends of the program — are allowed to watch Mike Gundy hold practice at Boone Pickens Stadium.

Zac Took a Tug: Tulsa World: OSU storylines
Is Zac Robinson's hamstring really healed or just OK for the time being? OSU is positioned for a run at a possible dream season, but Robinson's involvement is essential. Head coach Mike Gundy seems frustrated that neither Brandon Weeden nor Alex Cate has clearly become the No. 2 quarterback.

They are all Geeked Up, Can we get'em to Wear Black: Tulsa World: Best ever: A look at the upcoming college football season
A look at some of the players and storylines that could make this season one of the most exciting ever for college football fans in Oklahoma.

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Bernie said...

Good scouting report.

Two cases. That outta get you through the Visor's visit.