Monday, August 3, 2009

The Lady Knows Dawg Football

Some of you may already know of her, I just discovered her via twitter.  Any Bulldawg fan would be well served to subscribe to her blog. Here are a few samplings of her work:
The Lady Sportswriter: A Closer Look at Georgia Quarterbacks Joe Cox and Aaron Murray
Stated clearly, Stafford was a phenomenal talent. He had a great arm and a wonderful feel for the game when he played it well—he either set the world on fire or broke your heart.

That was Stafford.

He was inconsistent at times and seemed to lack some of the heart you would like to see your starting quarterback exhibit both on and off the field.
The Lady Sportswriter: How Will The Georgia Defensive Line Be In 2009?
Truthfully, it's hard to blame the Georgia fans for their ire, spoiled as they were by former DC Brian Van Gorder—Dawg fans became comfortable that their defenses would pummel every team they faced with an iron fist.

The great defensive teams of 2001-2004 saw national finishes of 17th, 4th, 3rd, and 8th respectively in scoring defenses—Now we're nearly last in the SEC in that same category!
The Lady Sportswriter: The Linebackers Will Need To Be Big in 2009
When you think of the Georgia linebacking corps, one name comes immediately to mind: Rennie Curran.

He's the 5'11" inch junior who plays much bigger than his size would let on and he's won the hearts of many a defensive coordinator with his hard core playing style.
The Lady Sportswriter: Profiling the Georgia Bulldog Offensive Line
This is one area of the 2009 Bulldog team that needs little in the way of worry. Coming into this year, the Georgia offensive line is looking better and fiercer than ever.

Each position on the line has something that, in the past, was a luxury—health and experience.

Last season it seemed we couldn't get a break from the injuries. Trinton Sturdivant, our starting left tackle, blew out his knee and missed the season—combine that with the various other hiccups along the season and you have a line that looked something like a jigsaw puzzle.

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