Monday, August 3, 2009

Stafford to Johnson, Then Who?

Correlating current events and football, gotta love this gal:
The Lady Sportswriter: Cash For Clunkers: The NFC Edition
Once you get past Calvin Johnson, the rest of the receiving corps is a joke. Get rid of them all if it gets you a nice no. 2 and a suitable no. 3. None of the current guys holding down a spot would even be missed.

Calvin Johnson (a.k.a Megatron) accounted for 1,331 receiving yards and 12 touchdowns last season; the other 15 wide receivers, together, totaled 1968 yards and six touchdowns—that total included guys like Mike Furrey (1,086 yards and six touchdowns in 2006) and Shaun McDonald (943 yards and six touchdowns in 2007)—both now gone.

Bryant Johnson could be the legitimate no. 2 the Lions need to go along with their new stud tight end, Brandon Pettigrew, but if Bryant ends up falling flat....then...just...ouch.

Wonder if Megatron can duplicate himself?

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