Monday, August 17, 2009

A New Entrant on the Journo Wall of Shame: Adam Krohn

To be fair, this guy should have been there a long, long time ago.  Adam Krohn appears to be a disciple of Paul Finebaum. How else can one explain articles of this nature?

I have been to Dalton numerous times. I am quite fond of the Chic-fil-a and outlet stores right off I-75 and frequent them when life/football requires me to enter Tennessee.  Dalton deserves better.

The Daily Citizen, Dalton, GA - Adam Krohn: Someone has to win the UGA-OSU game
If you believe the preseason blather, this is a matchup of two of the better teams in the country.

It isn’t.

Neither team deserves a Top 15 ranking. The Bulldogs are now without Matthew Stafford, Moreno and Mohamed Massaquoi — the holy trinity of offense that made up for a lot of Georgia’s lousy defense. And speaking of defense, or the lack of it, Oklahoma State’s failures on that side of the ball made Bulldog defenders and coordinator Willie Martinez look like the Steel Curtain and Dick LeBeau.
But wait, there's more:
Bulldogs coach Mark Richt — known more for his humanitarian efforts, furniture commercials, and motivational tactics than for his big game success — will have to do a lot of motivating to get quarterback Joe Cox to play at the level necessary to beat good teams.
Normally, these things start with a kiss, then progress. This guys decides to finish with a kiss:
Ultimately, both teams are pretenders in a sea of contenders, but the Oklahoma State game is one — and perhaps the only — game Georgia will convincingly win this season.


Anonymous said...

This is the kind of crap we have to put up with everyday from our joke of a paper.

MikeInValdosta said...

And they wonder why the internet is killing the newspapers.

11Dawg said...

To call this guy a "journalist"-- even a bad one-- is a stretch. Journalists are supposed to substantiate their assertions with facts and statistics. This guy predicates his entire column off his on baseless opinions.

He says he will "go out on a limb" to say that Cox can't play. Based off what, exactly? The fact that Cox couldn't beat out the future No. 1 NFL draft pick for the starting job? There isn't a quarterback outside of Norman or Gainesville who would had a prayer of escaping Stafford's shadow on the depth chart.

He's just another sportswriter antagonizing his readership to make up for a lack of news-writing talent. At one time, sports journalism was about enriching the fan's understanding and enjoyment of the game. Now, it's about a "journalist" trying to sell his own personality, no matter how obnoxious that personality might be.

Anonymous said...

Adam Krohn is a no talent ass-clown!

MikeInValdosta said...

Anon @ 5:37,

You Sir, will go for with such sage wisdom flowing from your keypad. Well said.

Dawg Stephen said...

He writes stuff like this all the time. He knows he is close enough to the TN line there in dalton to get the Vol fans all happy and giddy. He is a joke, but then again, look at the paper he works for.

The Watch Dawg said...

This isn't the first time I've seen a poorly written UGA-hating article from that clown. I don't know his background but I'd hazard to guess he's either a Vol or a Nerd.