Saturday, August 15, 2009

Is Gray Pushing Cox?

the Missouri Rifleman

Don't really think this is the coaches take on things, but Logan Gray continues to put up impressive stats in the camp scrimmages just as he did in the G-Day game.  I hope Cox has a great year and stays healthy, but should he stumble or fall prey to injury, I feel much better about our back up than a certain legacy QB that was like a cup of coffee at the Cocktail Party.
Second preseason scrimmage update |
Logan Gray 6-8 91 28 long


Anonymous said...

Why is the starting QB(Joe Cox) only getting 6 passing attempts in a scrimmage? Why are the two freshmen getting just as many if not more. Is this normal?

If they are so confident with Cox than why isn't he getting more attempts in the scrimmage?

MikeInValdosta said...

Excellent questions. I have no idea, but I am impressed with the numbers Gray is putting up.

Looking back at the G-Day game, I do not believe Cox was really allowed to air it out then. Also, Mark Richt has been quoted several times as saying "we are going to run the ball". Who knows what to make of it. Probably just pre-season jitters on my part.