Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wanna Play Quarterback?

A lot of great information from Marc Weiszer's blog, but the thing that really caught my eye is the Detroit Lions' comments on how well Matt Stafford was coached at Georgia.
Charles, Brown start off on the `attack’ |
If having the first quarterback and running back scooped up in April’s NFL Draft wasn’t enough of a selling point to Georgia, now comes these words from Detroit Lions’ offensive coordinator Scott Linehan when asked if quarterback Matthew Stafford had to “unlearn” anything since joining the Lions.

"(He was) very well coached, very well prepared,” Linehan said. “I actually would go the other way with that question and say: what he did in college and high school has prepared him for being in the position that he is in now. You know, there's a lot of guys who come in and you'll say, 'He only operated in shotgun,' or 'He ran a spread offense and now he's running a different type of offense.' This guy ran a pro-style system. He shot the ball down the field, attacked all parts of the field with the passing game and did a great job of running their run game. I would just go a different direction with that question and say it's actually really prepared him for what he's doing."

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