Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Gators, thou dost protest too much, me thinks

After yesterday's posting about Corch Meyer beginning negotiations with Notre Dame, the gainesville faithful were less than pleased with me, calling me a rumor monger and stating that I needed to "grow up." Apparently this is one of those "we can say it, but you can't" deals. Check out the comments readers are posting.
Urban Meyer's buyout clause set at $500,000! - Gator Sport Forums
Your reasoning matches your sig, a Croc of ****! It is low because it lets him go when and if the time is right without a significant penalty. He is a great guy, no doubt. However, he also said he was not leaving Bowling Green or Utah.
How about this response to my question regarding the small buyout:
Saurian Sagacity: The Official Blog for Inquisitive Florida Gators Fans: The One Man Fallacy
Because Jeremy Foley stated that the University never wants to be stuck with a coach who doesn't want to coach at Florida.
Seriously? This is what Foley wants? Foley wants to be committed to Urban but does not want it reciprocated? Absurd.

This whole thing is a shame designed to aide in recruiting and silence the rumors that have always persisted and were amped up by Paul Finebaum.

First of all, the net raise is negligible when you factor in the required $1 million per year donation Meyers must make. Secondly, it only upped Florida's committment to Urban, it did nothing to strengthen Urban's committment to Florida. The jort wearing faithful know it.

Soon, recruits will figure it out too!


Anonymous said...

That's Corch MeyerS thank-ya-very-much
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1-2-3-4-5...I guess them Gators don't take no jive....percy harvey.....percy harvey....
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