Sunday, September 20, 2009

Bulldawgs Win Slugfest with Late Round Knock Out

Is this how they all are going to be? Lord, or should I say AJ, I hope not because I am not sure I can take it.

A win is a win, but this was no ordinary win. The Georgia Bulldogs got in a slug fest last night,  punching themselves out of a corner and, eventually, knocking-out the Arkansas Razorbacks.

I seriously doubt we went into this game with a "rope-a-dope" strategy, but in the end Arkansas may have punched themselves out. Ryan Mallett landed several devastating hey-makers, but the Dawgs kept getting up. Joe Cox and crew just kept punching, and punching, and punching, proving to be more than the Hogs could handle.

Georgia's chin, the turnover, kept exposing itself and Arkansas would repeatedly take advantage. The first round was all Arkansas. Mallett and co. would score three knockdowns on the Dawgs en route to a 21 - 10 lead on the scorecards. The second round was all Bulldog as the Hogs would take a little of their own medicine. After two, the Dawgs were on top 27 -21.

As if the first two rounds didn't have enough punches thrown, the third was a melee. No longer content to box, both teams are brawling now. Knock-out is the goal. Cuts are visible on both warriors. Women and children are having trouble watching. Blood is everywhere. After three, the scorecard reads Georgia 42, Arkansas 38.

There was no customary touching of the gloves at the start of this final round. Perhaps both sides knew the energy could not be spared. Georgia took control early in the final frame, delivering what would be the the most important knockdown on their first drive. Arkansas would never regain their footing, scoring only a minor blow in the final round, that was quickly matched by the Dawgs.

In the end, Georgia, the team that had fought three battles in as many weeks, was the better conditioned unit. They had taken all that Arkansas could deliver and kept giving back more.  This wasn't a traditional "smash-mouth" affair, but make no mistake about it, mouths were smashed. In the end, Georgia, and its rock solid chin, would win!

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