Monday, September 21, 2009

Georgia, We Have a Problem

We are not going to sugar-coat it, Dawg Nation. Upon further review, things do not look so great. While BUI is given to hyperbole, my goal today is a sober, honest assessment of our beloved football team.

The offense was awesome. AJ Green is a man among boys, and there are plenty of play makers on the offensive side of the ball to keep defenses honest. Joe Cox, when given time, Is more than capable of distributing the football to those play makers. To use a baseball term, we can hit the three run homer with the best of them.

Drew Butler and Blair Walsh are about as good as it gets in college football. With the exception of that dad gum corner kick, the special teams were great. Coach Fabris reminds me of a mule that doesn't like carrots and can't feel pain. What are you gonna do?

The defense shut Arkansas down in the second and fourth quarter. (Warning: some of you may want to leave now)

@#$@&#!!! We looked like a gosh durn Hal Mumme coached Kentucky team out that Saturday night. Yes, there were a lot of points, but there were also a lot of penalties, turnovers and points from the other side. This may be exciting football, but it is not winning football, at least not consistent winning football.

There is a reason Mike Leach, June Jones, and Hal Mumme never win consistently. Offenses, especially offenses that depend on the home run, go into slumps. They all do. When that slump happens, you better be able to play defense.

Consistent winning football requires the ability to run the ball and stop the run. Sure the Arizona Cardinals can get hot and go on a win streak, but eventually, they will lose. Defense, good solid defense, never goes into a slump and always gives you a chance to win.

David Greene left Georgia as the all-time winning quarterback in NCAA history. Do you know why? Sure, he was a very accurate passer, has some weapons around him, and managed the game well. This, however wasn't the reason. Brian Van Gorder's defense was THE reason. You see, even David Greene had off days. All quarterback's do.

If I knew how to fix the defense I would tell you. I would tell you right after I sent my resume to Mark Richt. I just don't know. I know we are young, and very young at some critical positions. To say that there is “room for improvement” is not looking at the glass half-full, quite frankly, it is being a smart-ass.

Despite all my grumblings about our lack of a running game, or should I say lack of called running plays, I am a huge Mike Bobo fan. When Richt retires, I am in staunch support of Bobo for the job. With that said, he has got to help his cohort, Willie Martinez, out by controlling the ball in our upcoming games.

Sure, we fell behind in the past two games and had to open it up. Turnovers will do that to you. As well and Joe Cox and crew played, can we really expect that all year? Can we do it against Tennessee, or better yet LSU? Florida? Auburn? Georgia Tech?

This week's theme here at BUI will be “How do we get back to playing Georgia Football?” Step 1 is admitting we have a problem.


Hunker Down said...

I'm the smart-ass that keeps saying these past two games have given our defense tons of learning opportunities upon which to improve and grow. It is true that success is a terrible teacher. Thus, we have all the material we need from which to learn. There are big, fast kids on this defense. They just need to learn where they are supposed to be and then make the damn play when they get there. This is the week for them to make this leap of learning and put it together against ASU. Come on Willie, make it happen NOW!

MikeInValdosta said...

C'mon, Hamp. You're no smart-ass, at least not the one I was referring to.

I couldn't agree more about our young potential. We have got to play to their strengths and protest their weaknesses. I think we all know whose job that is.

The offense could help the defense out. I know it is hard to keep a sports car in the garage, but we have got to limit the time our defense is on the field. Not just for rest, but for taking advantage of all these coaching opportunities.

We will get better, we have to!

Bernie said...

I would be as optimistic as Hamp, but I felt the same way last season. After getting embarrassed in the Bama Blackout I thought we'd gel, bring it together. Then LSU, FU, UK and the nerds. Ugh!

There's just too much talent on this defense to suck this bad.