Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Cox Story: A Fleetwood Mac Album

My head is a spin. The rumors were traveling at 10Mb speed about Joe Cox having some sort of nerve problem in his shoulder.  At once, it made perfect sense, and yet it made no sense at all.

I immediately felt guilty upon hearing the rumor, as in careful what you wish for type of guilt. While I was not thrilled with his performance, and am still down right angry at his response to criticism, I am still a very loyal fan of the "Ginger Ninja" and really want him to have great success this year.

Turned out to be false in as much as he is still the starter for Saturday night's chicken fry.

On the bright side, it does appear to be true that Logan Gray did get more practice reps with the first team. +1

On the rather dim side, it appeared to me Cox needed all the reps he could get. -2

So we go into our conference opener with are starting QB missing more practice time and it is still 180 minutes until happy hour.

It's Great to be a Georgia Bulldawg!

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