Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Doc Saturday Piles on the Dawgs

I am trying, really trying to look ahead and stay positive. Richt has faced adversity down in the past in he will do it again.

I have tried the "we played a top 10 team in their house with a young set of skill players...." bit to no avail. It was fairly natural for the Dawg sites to be hyper critical of our effort, but the national guys have not been any gentler with our anemic offensive production.

Were we supposed to get bonus points for having the same number of runs as passes? Ah, forget it. Read this.

Brace yourself for the annual Georgia-South Carolina taffy-pull - Dr. Saturday - NCAAF - Yahoo! Sports
I think we can take a low-scoring game for granted, and Georgia will be fine with that, as long it comes out on the right side -- Cox was only supposed to be a "manager" who did the easy things and kept the defense out of trouble, anyway. If he struggles again in the process of going 0-2, though, with Arkansas, Arizona State, LSU and Tennessee coming up, it's hard to imagine there not being a collective grumble for one of the kids to get their turn. That may seem a little premature, but UGA is already fighting out of a corner; with the Bulldogs' schedule, they can't afford to be patient with 0-2.

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