Friday, September 4, 2009

Dawg BUI Almanac (Part 1 of 14)

T-Bone the Tilter
Originally posted 7/18/2009
September 5, 2009 3:30 PM ET

Oklahoma State Cowboys, Stillwater, Oklahoma
*** Orange Alert, bring taser

The “grand opening” of the newly refurbished T. Boone Pickens stadium, can’t wait to see it, assume the lights will be powered by windmills.

Okie State produced Thurman Thomas, Barry Sanders, in addition to Don Quixote (T-Bone the tilter). Despite these great contributions to American society, the Cowpokes carry a chip on their shoulder comparative to those of North Avenue, West Opelika, and FoodLionville. The only difference is their lack of real athletic achievement.

The only thing we have to fear in Stillwater is the color orange, the letter “z”, and an offensive tackle that resembles of circle of wagons. Dez may be gone but Zac is still there. “Man” Gundy is now 42 and facing the pressure of expectations unlike any he has ever experienced. I can’t wait for the post game news conference. Zac is still having nightmares of his visit to the Classic City. Their defense is still their defense.

Onto the game…

1st Qtr.
Dawgs win coin toss. Mark Richt shocks world by selecting to RECEIVE the kickoff. Carlton Thomas fields the kickoff and dashes to the middle; he cuts left behind a devastating block from Marcus Washington and crosses mid-field before being shoved out of bounds at the OSU 42. The first play from scrimmage sees Samuels go for 8 on a sprint draw. On second down, Bobo dials up a play-action pass which Cox completes to Green for a 34 yard touchdown.

2nd Qtr.
Dawg’s defense continues to dominate. “Man” Gundy is stupefied by the variety of blitz packages Willie Martinez is bringing. After consecutive hard blows, a shell-shocked Robinson throws one up for grabs, Reshad Jones calls “Bingo” and returns an interception 46 yards to give the Dawgs a 17-0 lead going into the half.

3rd Qtr.
Brandon Bogatay delivers his 4th consecutive kickoff through the middle of the end zone. The Pokes, unable to foil the Dawg’s pass defense, try to establish a ground game. Jeff Owens begins to give on-field sermons as to what the “G” means to him. With a dominating defense, the Dawg’s elect to play it conservative. Drew butler delivers a 54 yard punt to the Pokes 7 yard line. Two stuffed running plays and an incomplete pass lead to a Cowboy punt from their own end-zone. As the quarter comes to an end, the Dawgs are in business on the Okie State side of the field.

4th Qtr.
On 2nd and nine, Joe Cox identifies a blitz and checks to a swing pass. Cox delivers the ball perfectly and Caleb King displays the magic we have all been waiting on. King jukes 2 Cowboy defenders and outruns the rest in route to a 40 yard touchdown reception. The 4 score lead gives the Georgia staff a chance to play some of the young pups. A couple of late scores by the Cowboys and a 48 yard field goal by Blair Walsh close out the Dawg’s a 27 – 10 victory against a top 10 opponent on the road to open the 2009 campaign.

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