Friday, September 25, 2009

Saturday Brings a Dominating D, and Lane Kiffin?

It's gonna get loud in there!

Earlier in the week, we warned against overlooking the Sun Devils. Actually, we warned against overlooking their fine coach, Dennis Erickson. After much thought and careful analysis, I have discovered that Coach Erickson will be forced to remain on the sidelines.

The combination of a night game in Athens, AJ Green, and a defense that is sick and tired of hearing how utterly awful they are, will be prove to be too much for Arizona State. Way, way too much.

The Dawg's defense will not be run against tomorrow night.  After about ten minutes, this game will turn into a "test bed" for Willie Martinez and the defensive staff. ASU will be forced to throw the ball, unless they are going to pull a Laney and only play to keep it close. This will allow Willie to iron out the kinks in our pass coverage and get some young players a little playing time.

I imagine Bobo's first play call will be something like, okay Joe, see if you can over throw AJ. Joe can't, touchdown. Second series, okay Joe, try to over throw Tavarres. Tavarres will not let that happen again, touchdown. Third series, okay Joe, let's over throw Orson Charles. While Joe knows he can  do this, he chooses not to and hit him in the hands, for a touchdown.

Willie and the boys, no longer having to worry about that pesky play-action pass, pin their ears back and begin a  utterly satisfying night of defensive stat stuffing. There will be sacks, there will be big-hits, and yes, there will be turnovers.

Somewhere around the 7 minute mark of the third quarter, Dennis Erickson will morph into Lane Kiffin, and Joe Cox will give way to Logan Gray. The rest of the night will be spent with the Dawgs of tomorrow entertaining an overly intoxicated audience.

A good time will be had by all.

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