Friday, September 25, 2009

Things we Think, but Never Say

After my last post predicting defensive domination this may appear as rational as a corner kick, but, is our defense out of shape?

We have all tried to pin down the Georgia Bulldogs problems on defense. A great deal of that criticism has been directed at Coach Willie Martinez. I guess this falls, once again, in that category.

A very knowledgeable Bulldawg fan just asked me about the "conditioning" of our defensive line. This uber-fan talked about our front four's speed, or lack of, and diet, or lack of.

It kind of took me by surprise. Then, while I was eating my greasy, fast food lunch, it dawned on me what they were talking about. They may have a valid point.

Are we out of shape? Is the lack of a McWhorter Hall training table hurting the Dawgs? Is Waffle House the breakfast of Champions?

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Dawg Stephen said...

Hmm... pass the gravy, you may be onto something