Saturday, September 12, 2009

Whatever Happens Tonight, Bourbon Will Make it Better

I am not going to sugarcoat this. I believe we have the talent to win. I believe we have the coaching to win. But from all that has come out of Butts-Mehre we have no reason to expect to win.

Since the clock hit zero in Stillwater the Bulldogs have not been on the same page. From the rotations to the play calling, nothing has appeared in sync. Since arrival in Athens nothing has been cleared up. Injuries have been rumored, then denied, then confessed. Players have been "thrown under the bus" and psychies have been protected. Stories have been changed.

This is not what we have come to ecxpect from the Richt regime. Frankly, I expect it to end with tonight's performance. I expect the ship to be righted in Richt fashion. This has been an embarrasment and it will end tonight.

I do not have the access to give an accurate analysis of what has gone wrong, but if I know something has gone wrong the highest paid employee of the state of Georgia surely knows it has gone wrong too. He will fix it. He is worthy of the money he earns.

It may not be pretty, but hte Dawgs will return to the ways of the victorious. Triumphant will be the Dawgs. Spurrier will sputter in the face of Rennie and his renegades.

So show up Dawg fans, with Bourbon in hand. For ours will be a glorious conquest of the rivals from east yonder. The grease is hot, time for a chicken in the pot.

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