Friday, October 16, 2009

Ellerbe Elevates his Play

We have seen this before. Harken back to the nineties Georgia Bulldog fans. Remember all of those highly acclaimed recruits that under-achieved in the classic city only to on have very productive careers on Sundays?

Let's hope this is an isolated case and not a regression to a past trend.  Talent is great, but well coached talent is essential to winning football.

Congratulations, Dannell Ellerbe. We always knew you had it in you!
Carroll County Times: Westminster, Maryland (h/t Daugman)
After that play, though, Ellerbe settled down and recorded six tackles in his NFL debut.

He wound up stopping elusive wide receiver Wes Welker’s forward progress on a few occasions, which is a really difficult task.

“The first opportunity he had to make a tackle, I think he got too excited,” Ravens coach John Harbaugh said. “He played too fast, and he got in there and overshot a veteran back, got juked a little bit.

“After that, he made every tackle and he tackled one of the toughest guys to tackle in football, Wes Welker, a couple of times. So, he played well, but it’s just a start. There are plenty of things and a long way for him to go.”

From Ellerbe’s standpoint, it was a major step forward in his development.

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UGA NATION Blog said...

Nice update Mike. I didn't see any of the game so it was nice to hear some positives on Ellerbe.